This is a new option for engaged couples to prepare for marriage in the Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph.  The dual focus on human and spiritual development makes this program different from others now available.

This course is currently offered as Thrive Online!  


Curriculum: couples will learn about . . .

-scientifically proven, research-based relationship development

-cutting-edge brain science

-positive psychology

-women’s health

-the theological vision of marriage

-insights from Theology of the Body

and practical guidance for...

-preparing to have a family

-developing a life of prayer and virtue

-making intentional decisions about how they can form their new home as a domestic church in which everyone THRIVES!

Cost: $200 per couple (online)

Thrive Online! (virtual classroom program)

During this unprecedented time of uncertainty and social distancing, we want to let you know that we are working to ensure that your marriage preparation will be both a safe and a fruitful experience.  We have converted our Thrive! program into a virtual classroom experience via Google Classroom. This program fulfills steps 3, 4, and 5 of the diocesan marriage preparation requirements.  Couples who decide to participate in this format will receive all necessary supplemental materials in the mail prior to beginning the course.  There will be video presentations, reading, and online quizzes to submit.  Our instructors will provide personalized feedback to your answers throughout the course and you will be encouraged to communicate with them to ask questions. 

You will be able to access to our content over an eight-week period to complete the course on your own schedule. This enables you to go into deeper discussion, and to take breaks when needed.  You MUST finish the course within four weeks of your wedding date.  As part of the course, you will complete an introduction to Natural Family Planning throughThe Fertility Care Center of Kansas City, either as a one-hour, live Zoom conference or an in-person meeting. This is included in the course and will not be an additional cost to you.

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What couples are saying about Thrive Online . . .

This course was extremely fruitful and helpful in preparation for our marriage. The course contained timely, relevant and important information that was presented in a relatable and non-judgmental way. We will take away things from this course that will be very important to our marriage that we haven't heard of before! We don't know how any couple gets married without going through marriage prep first!

-Nate and Karsen, Kansas City, KS

We really enjoyed this course! We especially enjoyed the spiritual growth we both experienced during "Part 2: Continuing Up the Spiral Staircase." It has helped us to dive deeper into what it means to be married and develop skills that we will use to create a happy, fulfilling life together rooted in our faith in God.

- Sarah & Andrew, Chillicothe, MO

This course really helps to guide you through questions you should be answering before marriage, but might not think of on your own. The instructors and instruction is thought provoking and really helped us open up to one another.

-Matt and Claire, Mission, KS

My fiancé and I really enjoyed this course, even in a virtual environment. Truthfully, we went into this thinking that we were so well prepared for marriage that there wasn't much else to discuss, however, we learned something new with every lesson. This whole course does such a great job of explaining why the Catholic values are important, and how staying true to them can help you maintain a long, thriving marriage!

-Adam and Victoria, Dallas, TX

This course is challenging, covers many topics, and requires committed attention but ultimately is very helpful in initiating conversations and thoughts on topics couples might not otherwise have. We found the course to be rewarding.

-Matt and Louise, Kansas City, MO

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Resources for those who have attended Thrive!

Fun things to do for married and engaged couples…

Date Night is a monthly (10 times a year) program offered by a local Catholic group called School of Love. The event is FREE and includes a short talk to help couples develop their relationship, fellowship and a conversation starter to use on your own date that follows the program.  It is normally held on the First Thursday of each month.
City on a Hill – Young Adults in KC

Many of the volunteers who helped during your Thrive weekend belong to the  Catholic young adult group City on a Hill.  You may find this to be an amazing resource as you look for other couples that share your goals and values.  You may find some lasting friendships here!  Please click the link above to learn about fellowship, formation, spiritual direction, and more!
Some useful links to help you continue the good things you started last weekend…

You may need help in your relationship even before you get married.
We have lots of information about various aspects of family life.
If you find yourself dealing with infertility, you are not alone in your struggle.
For more on the topic of discernment (that we spoke about at the end of Part Two).