The Problem of Pornography

Impact of Pornography

Impact upon Marriage (article from the Heritage Foundation)

How Pornography Hurts You

Some people say that there is nothing wrong with pornography. After all, they argue, it is just a little harmless adult fun. And nobody really gets hurt by it, right?

Wrong. Pornography hurts everybody.

It hurts individuals who spend time and money they can't afford in pursuit of thrills that never really satisfy the heart;
It hurts marriages when spouses feel alienated from those they love the most;
It hurts children when their parents can't set a good moral example for them;
It hurts the thousands of people, mostly women, involved in the sex industry, many of whom have been the victims of sexual exploitation and crime from a very young age;
It hurts society when it erodes our standards of decency and respect for other human beings.

Pornography hurts you!

Spiritually- because pornography perverts the God given desire for intimacy and union, and turns it into something that makes this intimacy and union impossible; it keeps you from the sacraments or leads you to receive them unworthily, thereby, neutering the graces you should be receiving.
Mentally- because pornography teaches an exploitive view of sex that creates unrealistic expectations;
Emotionally- because pornography desensitizes and isolates you;
Physically- it can hurt you because it can lead to sexual addiction and other compulsive, destructive behaviors.

Images affect behavior; otherwise companies would not spend billions to advertise their brands. The brand of sex that pornography promotes is a behavioral attitude that is abusive and self destructive.

If you think you might have a problem with pornography, please utilize the spiritual and counseling resources available on this website.

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How to Respond to the Problem

How To Respond to Pornography