What about overpopulation?

Today, many have accepted the claim that the planet is overpopulated and use it to justify immoral efforts to reduce the population.  It is now thought virtuous in some circles to limit the number of children one has in order to "save the planet."  Increasing numbers of couples are choosing to live without children with the media touting a new, child-free lifestyle.  Is it immoral to have children?  Is overpopulation real, and if so, is it a good reason to use contraceptive methods to have fewer children?

A Catholic answer that is both Reasonable and Scientific

The world is not overpopulated.  After towing the ideological line on this issue for years theThe New York Times has finally changed their story. In fact, according to the CIA Factbook, many countries in the world are at below replacement fertility rates.  This is science that works on math and has nothing to do with religion.  Too many people are simply not the real problem.  The main causes of starvation and poverty are inequality in food distribution, bad economic policy, and war.  There is enough food we just allow greed and ideology to keep it out of the mouths of far too many people.

The Catholic position is compatible with good science.  The argument of the "overpopulation" and "population control" movements are based upon ideology and now disproven scientific theory.

The good folks at the Population Research Institute have created an informative website [www.overpopulationisamyth.com] that includes brief video summaries of the various arguments and counter-arguments along with links to reputable sources like the U.N. Population Fund to show that no one who is intellectually honest can continue to use the theory and arguments popularized by Paul Ehrlich to justify population control efforts on a global or personal scale.

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Learn to use NFP

Learning a Fertility Awareness Method or NFP (Natural Family Planning) is an investment in your health!

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Many insurance providers cover some or all of the cost of this training.  Diocesan employees in Kansas City - St. Joseph who are enrolled in the HMO plan can obtain coverage for this health care.  Ask your employer/insurance provider if they cover this care under women's services.

We recommend this thoroughly researched book by Dr. Kasun, The War Against Population, in which she shatters the proposal of the population control movement with a mountain of data to show that their ideology is not based on reputable science.