Full Circle: Help & Healing for Young Adults and Teens

FullCircle, a non-profit ministry serving teenagers and young adults ages 13 through 25 with substance and alcohol use issues.

We offer: 

  • Peer group support meetings, sober social functions and a parent support group at no cost to families.
  • A young and energetic peer support staff who is available to support group members for help and guidance at all events.
  • An atmosphere of caring, support, and fun in all our events, weekend social activities, and 12 step meetings for young people.

Our Mission:

  • We believe that for a young person to gain sobriety and happiness, meeting their social and emotional needs is critical. While so often our children’s problems are emotional, the solutions are spiritual. This includes helping young men and women utilize the 12 Steps tailored to them as well as faith-based principles and values.
  • Our aim is to provide a program that gives support to the entire family, responds to individual needs, affirms your strengths. Above all we want our program to serve as a safety net so that our children will not fall through the cracks.

If you or someone you love is struggling, or you just have questions about a particular matter, we would like to help. Our Programs can be utilized for two or more years for families.

We currently operate in Arizona, Boulder, Charlotte, Denver, Georgia, Kansas City, and now in North Kansas City.

Full Circle Promotional Video

Full Circle Program