Freedom through Support and Healing

Freedom through Support and Healing

Help for Men and Women

   Today, both men and women use pornography.  It is also a commonly cited factor in the majority of divorces in the past decade.  The temptation does not just "go away" and almost all users find it extremely difficult to overcome the habitual element of pornography use.   The My House Initiative uses every tool at our disposal - support groups, education, counseling, confession - to help real people find freedom from pornography.  Will you begin your journey?

 (816) 237-8753

-local, confidential helpline

For Men

Come join other men who face this temptation and are seeking spiritual healing and practical support for combating pornography in their lives. Your privacy is respected.  My House Groups meet weekly. 

Contact us to start your journey to freedom.

 (816) 237-8753

This number is a secure phone line and completely confidential.

For Women

Women are also touched by pornography use.  Whether you are a user or your spouse or child has become a user the My House Initiative can help you with support and guidance.  Please contact us confidentially:

 (816) 237-8753

Further information is available from the Diocesan Family Life Office director, 
Dino Durando at  d[email protected] or (816) 714-2371.

My House Workshop for Men

My House Intensive