The Marriage and Family Life Office works to promote healthy, happy, and holy family life.  We support parishes in the areas of marriage preparation, marriage enrichment; natural family planning; grief support for all ages; troubled marriage support and more. The office also assists lay Catholic organizations and apostolates in their work related to families and parishes.  This is a member office of the Office of the Domestic Church and Discipleship.

Activate BaptismA new website created by our diocese – with a free charisms survey –is now available.  One of the Goals of our mutually Shared Diocesan Vision ‘One Family: Restored in Christ, Equipped for Mission’ involved the creation of this website resource.  The Goal: “Implement gift and charism programs throughout the diocese to activate Catholics for service and mission by Pentecost 2020.”  Full funding for this website was provided by the Missouri State Council of the Knights of Columbus, R.I.B. fund.

Charisms are extraordinary graces given to individual Christians for the good of others, through service or mission.  Discovering and developing a charism involves prayerful discernment and active experience, seeing if there’s a greater success for the efforts than normal human efforts can explain.  Learn more and get started by taking the free survey at

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Freedom in Christ Series
March 9, 2021 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
St. Jude the Apostle Parish: 2001 S. Broadway, Oak Grove, MO

Family Resources: A Response to the COVID 19 Pandemic

During this most challenging time, we join together across our diocese, our country, and the whole world as the mystical body of Christ, and we unite ourselves in prayer.  

Please visit our Diocesan website for helpful resources on keeping Sunday holy as a family, including links for live streaming the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and for other prayers and suggestions: KCSJCATHOLIC

For professional advice on how to talk with your children about Coronavirus, as well as other mental health resources, please visit The Center for Healing's COVID 19 resource page: COVID 19 & MENTAL HEALTH

Though some of our regularly scheduled events have been postponed at this time, we hope you will be able to take advantage of many of these online opportunities to grow in faith, strengthen marriages and families, and even build community.

Resources for Healing and Recovery

St. Gregory Recovery Center

St Gregory's Recovery Center Video

Desert Stream Ministries


My House Workshop for Men

My House Intensive

Keeping the Lord’s Day: Pastoral Letter on the Importance of Sunday in the Life of Every Christian Disciple

As we begin to return to our public celebrations of Mass, I wish to invite all in our diocese to reflect more deeply on the value of Sunday, why God made it and what it means in the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Read more . . .

Study Guides Available

In support of His Excellency, Bishop Johnston's, recent pastoral letter, Keeping the Lord’s Day, the Office of Domestic Church & Discipleship has published a 3-lesson guided study for use by families or small groups.  You may preview the booklet online in English and in Spanish.  

Parishes should email Kristen Marquis to place orders, indicating either that you would like them to be shipped (invoice will be included) or the name and scheduled meeting of the parish representative that will pick them up.  Due to current COVID restrictions, we can only allow pick-ups from those attending scheduled meetings at this time.  Parishioners should contact their parish office to request copies.

Prayer to Mary, Health of the Sick

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

O Mary, you always shine on our path as a sign of salvation and of hope.  We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick, who at the cross took part in Jesus’ pain, keeping your faith firm.

You, Patroness & Protector of the People of the United States of America, know what we need, and we are sure you will provide so that, as in Cana of Galilee, we may return to joy and to feasting after this time of trial.

Help us, Mother of Divine Love, to conform to the will of the Father and to do as we are told by Jesus, who has taken upon himself our sufferings and carried our sorrows to lead us, through the cross, to the joy of the resurrection.

Under your protection, we seek refuge, Holy Mother of God.  Do not disdain the entreaties of we who are in trial, but deliver us from every danger, O glorious and blessed Virgin.  

From the Bishop

January 25, 2021 - 3:23pm
Megan Marley
Statement from Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr.

Bishop Stephen Biegler of the Diocese of Cheyenne has informed me that the ongoing case regarding allegations of the sexual abuse of minors by Bishop Joseph Hart has reached its conclusion. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has issued both a canonical rebuke of the now retired Bishop Hart, and a definitive decree.

Read the Diocese of Cheyenne’s full statement

This case is of special interest to the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph because several of the accusations against Bishop Hart originated from our diocese, dating to the time when he served here as a priest prior to becoming a bishop in Cheyenne in 1976.

The canonical rebuke stated that Bishop Hart remains prohibited from “presiding or participating anywhere in any public celebration of the Liturgy” and also that he not to have “any contact with minors, youth, seminarians and vulnerable adults.”  While the decree from the CDF exonerated Bishop Hart of seven accusations, two were not considered crimes against minors because of the ages of the accusers at the time, and five others were considered “not proven,” meaning that they did not reach the level of moral certitude necessary for determining guilt.

This has been a long and often difficult process, especially for the survivors and their families who bravely shared their stories.  I am grateful for the courage and perseverance of those who brought this matter to a point of decision; the survivors, their families and Bishop Biegler.

While a decision has been rendered, we must not lose hope. The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph remains committed to protecting the most vulnerable and to the ongoing work of accompanying survivors on the path to healing. I invite all the faithful to join me in prayer, particularly for all those who have been directly wounded by clerical sexual abuse, themselves and their families, and for the Church.

The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph continues to make the safety of our children a top priority. The Diocese takes very seriously all allegations of sexual abuse of minors made against employees, clerics or volunteers who serve in the diocese. Anyone who has knowledge of such abuse or inappropriate behavior with a minor is encouraged to make a confidential report with the Ombudsman.  If you were harmed by Bishop Joseph Hart or any other person who has worked or volunteered for the diocese, no matter how long ago, the diocese wants to provide care and healing resources to you and your family. Please contact the Ombudsman, Joe Crayon, at 816.812.2500 or

Bishop Hart’s name is included on the diocese’s List of Accused Clerics with Substantiated Allegations, which can be found on the diocesan website here.

Diocese of Cheyenne press release

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January 8, 2021 - 2:45pm
Megan Marley

“Increasingly, we see that public protests and demonstrations have been marked by alarming incidents of violence and anarchy, including this week at the Capitol in Washington. As Americans, we have a right to peaceful protest and it can be an important public and moral action. Violence and lawlessness undermines our civic discourse and deepens the divides already so evident in our nation, and must be condemned.  Our nation has many challenges and important problems that must be addressed with respect, good will and a seeking of truth and justice.  Christians are to be a leaven in society, taking part as citizens grounded in the truths of Faith, but also providing a witness through conduct and a support of prayer.  Conscious of this, I call upon our priests and people to include at this weekend’s Masses a prayer for healing for our nation.  Only with God’s grace and assistance can we begin to heal and unite as “one people, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”—Bishop James Johnston

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January 7, 2021 - 9:33am
Megan Marley

WASHINGTON —Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), issued the following statement in response to today’s violence in the United States Capitol:

“I join people of good will in condemning the violence today at the United States Capitol. This is not who we are as Americans. I am praying for members of Congress and Capitol staff and for the police and all those working to restore order and public safety.

“The peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of this great nation. In this troubling moment, we must recommit ourselves to the values and principles of our democracy and come together as one nation under God. I entrust all of us to the heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. May she guide us in the ways of peace, and obtain for us wisdom and the grace of a true patriotism and love of country.”

Presidente de la Conferencia Episcopal de Estados Unidos condena las protestas violentas y reza por la seguridad mientras el caos amenaza al Capitolio de Estados Unidos 

WASHINGTON — El arzobispo José H. Gomez de Los Ángeles, presidente de la Conferencia de Obispos Católicos de Estados Unidos (USCCB), emitió la siguiente declaración en respuesta a la violencia de hoy en el Capitolio de Estados Unidos:

“Me uno a las personas de buena voluntad para condenar la violencia de hoy en el Capitolio de Estados Unidos. Esto no es lo que somos los estadounidenses. Oro por los miembros del Congreso, el personal de Capitolio, por la policía y todos los que trabajan para restaurar el orden y la seguridad pública.

La transición pacífica del poder es uno de los sellos que caracterizan a esta gran nación. En este momento preocupante, debemos volver a comprometernos con los valores y principios de nuestra democracia y unirnos como una nación bajo Dios. Encomiendo a todos al corazón de la Santísima Virgen María, que ella nos guíe por los caminos de la paz y nos brinde la sabiduría y la gracia de un verdadero patriotismo y amor a la patria”.

Related: U.S. Capitol Protests | Bishop Johnston’s Thoughts

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December 29, 2020 - 2:16pm
Megan Marley

Today is the Feast of St. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury and martyr. He was murdered in his cathedral on December 29, 1170 after conflict with King Henry II over the rights of the Church. A brief bio of this saint can be read here.

The White House issued a proclamation today praising St. Thomas Becket, on the 850th anniversary of his death. That proclamation can be read here.

St. Thomas Becket, pray for us!

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