The Marriage and Family Life Office works to promote healthy, happy, and holy family life.  We support parishes in the areas of marriage preparation, marriage enrichment; natural family planning; grief support for all ages; troubled marriage support and more. The office also assists lay Catholic organizations and apostolates in their work related to families and parishes.  This is a member office of the Office of the Domestic Church and Discipleship.

Activate BaptismA new website created by our diocese – with a free charisms survey –is now available.  One of the Goals of our mutually Shared Diocesan Vision ‘One Family: Restored in Christ, Equipped for Mission’ involved the creation of this website resource.  The Goal: “Implement gift and charism programs throughout the diocese to activate Catholics for service and mission by Pentecost 2020.”  Full funding for this website was provided by the Missouri State Council of the Knights of Columbus, R.I.B. fund.

Charisms are extraordinary graces given to individual Christians for the good of others, through service or mission.  Discovering and developing a charism involves prayerful discernment and active experience, seeing if there’s a greater success for the efforts than normal human efforts can explain.  Learn more and get started by taking the free survey at

Upcoming Events

Light-Life Welcome Meeting

learn about the Light-Life Married Couples Retreat
May 16, 2021 - 11:15am
St. Patrick Parish: 703 S Olive St, Holden, MO

Light-Life Retreat for Married Couples

A Two-Day Retreat
June 12, 2021 - 9:30am to June 13, 2021 - 4:30pm
Jun 12 (9:30am-8pm) & Jun 13 (11:30am-4:30pm) @St. Patrick Parish: 703 S Olive St, Holden, MO

Retrouvaille Weekend

Help for struggling marriages.
June 25, 2021 (All day) to June 27, 2021 (All day)
Savior Pastoral Center, Kansas City, KS

Family Resources: A Response to the COVID 19 Pandemic

During this most challenging time, we join together across our diocese, our country, and the whole world as the mystical body of Christ, and we unite ourselves in prayer.  

Please visit our Diocesan website for helpful resources on keeping Sunday holy as a family, including links for live streaming the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and for other prayers and suggestions: KCSJCATHOLIC

For professional advice on how to talk with your children about Coronavirus, as well as other mental health resources, please visit The Center for Healing's COVID 19 resource page: COVID 19 & MENTAL HEALTH

Though some of our regularly scheduled events have been postponed at this time, we hope you will be able to take advantage of many of these online opportunities to grow in faith, strengthen marriages and families, and even build community.

Resources for Healing and Recovery

St. Gregory Recovery Center

St Gregory's Recovery Center Video

Desert Stream Ministries


My House Workshop for Men

My House Intensive

Keeping the Lord’s Day: Pastoral Letter on the Importance of Sunday in the Life of Every Christian Disciple

As we begin to return to our public celebrations of Mass, I wish to invite all in our diocese to reflect more deeply on the value of Sunday, why God made it and what it means in the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Read more . . .

Study Guides Available

In support of His Excellency, Bishop Johnston's, recent pastoral letter, Keeping the Lord’s Day, the Office of Domestic Church & Discipleship has published a 3-lesson guided study for use by families or small groups.  You may preview the booklet online in English and in Spanish.  

Parishes should email Kristen Marquis [email protected] to place orders, indicating either that you would like them to be shipped (invoice will be included) or the name and scheduled meeting of the parish representative that will pick them up.  Due to current COVID restrictions, we can only allow pick-ups from those attending scheduled meetings at this time.  Parishioners should contact their parish office to request copies.

Prayer to Mary, Health of the Sick

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

O Mary, you always shine on our path as a sign of salvation and of hope.  We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick, who at the cross took part in Jesus’ pain, keeping your faith firm.

You, Patroness & Protector of the People of the United States of America, know what we need, and we are sure you will provide so that, as in Cana of Galilee, we may return to joy and to feasting after this time of trial.

Help us, Mother of Divine Love, to conform to the will of the Father and to do as we are told by Jesus, who has taken upon himself our sufferings and carried our sorrows to lead us, through the cross, to the joy of the resurrection.

Under your protection, we seek refuge, Holy Mother of God.  Do not disdain the entreaties of we who are in trial, but deliver us from every danger, O glorious and blessed Virgin.  

From the Bishop

March 10, 2021 - 6:39pm
Megan Marley

“I support the statement of USCCB President, Archbishop Gomez, and the other Bishop Chairmen regarding the recent passage of the American Rescue Plan.  The good this bill serves is severely tainted by its unconscionable omission of protections for unborn children and provisions that would prohibit billions of taxpayer dollars from going to abortion.”

+ James V. Johnston, Jr., Chair, USCCB Committee on the Protection of Children and Young People

WASHINGTON – Following the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act in the U.S. House of Representatives today, Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the chairmen of six USCCB committees released a statement. The bishops expressed support for the provisions in the bill that would provide relief to help those in need during the ongoing COVID pandemic but were also critical of the bill’s lack of protections for the unborn.

Chairmen joining the statement included Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City in Kansas, chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities; Archbishop Paul S. Coakley of Oklahoma City, chairman of the Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development; Bishop David J. Malloy of Rockford, chairman of the Committee on International Justice and Peace; Bishop Michael C. Barber, SJ, of Oakland, chairman for the Committee on Catholic Education; Bishop Shelton J. Fabre of Houma-Thibodaux, chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism; and Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville, auxiliary bishop of Washington, chairman of the Committee on Migration.

The statement follows:

“As the American Rescue Plan Act was being written, Catholic bishops reached out to every House and Senate office to express our support for providing additional relief to help poor and vulnerable people who are most at risk of harm from this pandemic, and our strong conviction that this relief should also protect the unborn and their right to life.

“We are grateful this legislation addresses many positive provisions including unemployment assistance, child and earned income tax credit enhancements, nutrition funding, vaccine distribution funding, health care funding, housing assistance, international assistance to regions stricken by COVID, conflict, and hunger. There are provisions in this bill that will save people from extremely desperate situations and will likely save lives.

“However, it is unconscionable that Congress has passed the bill without critical protections needed to ensure that billions of taxpayer dollars are used for life-affirming health care and not for abortion.

“Unlike previous COVID relief bills, sponsors of the American Rescue Plan Act refused to include the longstanding, bi-partisan consensus policy to prohibit taxpayer dollars from funding abortions domestically and internationally. The policy was needed because this bill includes many general references to healthcare that, absent the express exclusion of abortion, have consistently been interpreted by federal courts not only to allow, but to compel, the provision of abortion without meaningful limit.

“The many important, life-saving provisions in the American Rescue Plan Act have been undermined because it facilitates and funds the destruction of life, which is antithetical to its aim of protecting the most vulnerable Americans in a time of crisis.”

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March 5, 2021 - 3:40pm
Megan Marley

From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops…

WASHINGTON— Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has been joined by the chairmen of seven USCCB committees in a statement on abortion funding in the American Rescue Plan.

Joining Archbishop Gomez were Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York, chairman of the Committee for Religious Liberty; Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City in Kansas, chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities; Archbishop Paul S. Coakley of Oklahoma City, chairman of the Committee on Justice, Peace and Human Development; Bishop David J. Malloy of Rockford, chairman of the Committee on International Justice and Peace; Bishop Michael C. Barber, SJ, of Oakland, chairman for the Committee on Catholic Education;  Bishop Shelton J. Fabre of Houma-Thibodaux, chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee Against Racism; and Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville, auxiliary bishop of Washington, chairman of the Committee on Migration.

The full statement from the bishops follows:

“Our nation needs to heal, come together, and help one another. The American Rescue Plan is an important step in the right direction. It should provide much needed assistance for American families and businesses hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

“However, we are deeply concerned that this important legislation, as written, risks creating new divisions by abandoning a longstanding bipartisan compromise that respects the consciences of millions of Americans.

“For 45 years, the United States Congress – whether controlled by Democrats or Republicans – has maintained that taxpayers should not be forced against their conscience to pay for abortions. Abandoning this compromise in a time of national emergency only serves to divide people in the very moment we should be united. Please, let us instead focus on delivering the COVID relief so desperately needed.

“We urge President Biden and the leadership on Capitol Hill not to force upon Americans the wrenching moral decision whether to preserve the lives and health of the born or unborn, all of whom are our vulnerable neighbors in need. We ask that our leaders please not pit people against one another in such a way. We ask all Members of Congress to include the same protections against abortion funding that have been present in every COVID relief bill to date, and every annual spending bill for almost half a century.”

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March 5, 2021 - 8:00am
Megan Marley
Karen Kroh, Ed.D. Karen Kroh, Ed.D., replaces Dan Peters, Ed.D., upon his retirement after more than a decade with KCSJ Catholic Schools

The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph welcomes Dr. Karen Kroh as superintendent of Catholic diocesan and parish schools following a national search. Kroh will step into the role as the diocese bids farewell to Dr. Dan Peters, who will retire after 15 years in Catholic education and more than a decade as superintendent of KCSJ Catholic schools.

“Dr. Kroh immediately stood out to us as an ideal candidate to lead our diocesan and parish schools with her experience, reputation and strong commitment to the Catholic faith and the mission of Catholic Schools,” said Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr. “We are eager for Karen to join our team and know that she will have a positive and lasting impact on the students, families, teachers and staff across the diocese.”

Kroh brings more than 25 years of experience in all levels of education from early-childhood through college, and a consistent record of achievement in positions of leadership, instruction, curriculum, faith formation, special education and professional development. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in family and child development as well as a master’s degree in special education, both from Auburn University. Karen has also received an English as a New Language endorsement from Notre Dame and a Doctorate in School Leadership from St. Louis University.

“The selection committee was immediately impressed with Karen’s commitment to Catholic education, her strong faith and the great energy she will bring to the role,” said Jodi Briggs, principal at St. Michael the Archangel High School, and a member of the selection committee chosen to evaluate the candidates for KCSJ Catholic Schools superintendent. “She has earned great respect from the communities that she has served through her work and leadership and presents herself as a strong servant leader.”

Kroh most recently served in the role of associate superintendent for student services in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas Office of Catholic Schools, which she has held since 2004. Kroh’s experience includes more than a decade as adjunct faculty member at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. She is also published in the Journal of Catholic Education.

Kroh is honored to be chosen as KCSJ Schools superintendent, saying “Working with Catholic schools and leaders in the Archdiocese of Kansas City and other Catholic school superintendents and leaders across the country has allowed me to develop a holistic vision of the critical role Catholic schools play for our students, families and our Church.”

About KCSJ Catholic Schools

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph are rooted in Gospel values and the teaching mission of the Church. Working in a partnership with our communities, the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph schools will be distinctly Catholic, academically excellent and fiscally stable. The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph proudly celebrates Catholic education in 40 schools serving more than 12,000 students from early childhood through high school. While we take understandable pride in the academic excellence of our schools, it is their Catholic identity and the commitment of Catholic families to a Catholic education which underscores our pride and success. For more than 179 years, our schools have served communities across the Diocese.

About the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph

The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph was established in 1956 when the Dioceses of Kansas City (founded in 1880) and St. Joseph (founded in 1868) were combined. Led by Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr., the Diocese is home to nearly 124,000 Catholics in 87 parishes and 10 missions across 27 counties in northern and western Missouri. Under the guidance of Bishop Johnston, the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph continues its mission to announce the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to live and serve in charity in northern and western Missouri.

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March 1, 2021 - 1:30pm
Megan Marley

Bishop Johnston has been notified that Michael Tierney’s appeal to reverse the penalty of dismissal from the clerical state was resolved prior to his death on December 15, 2020. A cover letter dated February 4, 2021, from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) arrived in the Office of the Bishop on February 22, 2021, notifying him of the decision.

The second CDF tribunal met December 11, 2020, and upon review of Michael’s Tierney’s appeal, confirmed the decision of the first CDF tribunal court on both the determination of guilt as well as the penalty of dismissal. This court decision was made prior to learning of Michael Tierney’s death on December 15, 2020, therefore definitively ruling that Michael Tierney was dismissed from the clerical state by the Holy See.

Even though the penalty of dismissal from the clerical state cannot be executed, the diocese is publishing the judicial decision in the interests of justice for the benefit of all involved.

Bishop Johnston recognizes that this has been a long and often difficult process, especially for the survivors and their families who bravely shared their stories, stating, “I am grateful for the courage and perseverance of those who brought this matter to a point of decision; the survivors, and their families. My prayers continue for the survivors, their families, and all impacted.”

This is an update to the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph’s previous announcement on December 29, 2020 regarding Michael Tierney’s death.

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