Catholic Doctors

Family Medicine/ Obstetrics and Gynecology

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For all emergency circumstances call 911.
If you know of a service provider who should be added to this list, please contact us at 816-714-2373.

All of these medical professionals are members of the local chapter of the Catholic Medical Association and or are trained Fertility Care/NaPro Technology providers. No further certification or endorsement by the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph should be assumed.

  • Angelique Pritchett MD, FCMC  913-890-2555 (
  • Teresa Bauer MD 913-890-2555 (
  • Lisa Grasing DO, CFCP, FCMC   913-495-2000
  • Bruce Snider MD, NFPMC  913-764-6262
  • Vincent DeMarco, DO, NFPMC  816-228-1000
  • Patrick Herrick MD, NFPMCI  913-782-7515
  • Dr. Melissa L Yeats, MD, CFCMC 913-782-8487 
  • Dr. Marisa Argubright, DO, NFPMC 913-469-5579
  • Kevin Punswick DO   913-856-5577
  • Ann Smith MD, NFPMC  913-586-0045
  • Loretta Heinen PA  913-837-4299 (Internal Medicine/Pediatrics)


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