Lead Couple Ministry

Parish Lead Couple Ministry is a mentoring and evangelization ministry offered in many parishes as "step 4" of the marriage preparation process.  Lead Couples serve at the pastor's discretion with the support of the Family Life Office.  The lead couple training process involves 2 parts a theological formation and practical training in the method and use of the program materials.

The Family Life Office provides initial orientation and training for married couples to acquaint them with one of the two approved programs.  The pastor or lead couple coordinator determines the specific training model for their lead couples.  The training includes theoretical principles on building successful relationships and practical instructions for using the resource material.  Ordinarily, spouses who wish to volunteer for this work attend a Growing in Love marriage enrichment event and complete the One In Christ: Marriage Renewal home/parish study.  Then they attend a Lead Couple training workshop (6 hours, usually offered on a Saturday). The cost for this training is $40/couple (includes lunch and one set of Lead Couple materials) billed to the parish.  

(You may wish to read the letter with the detailed explanation of the lead couple training and recruitment process.)

PROGRAM OPTIONS for use by parish Lead Couples:

Please contact Dino Durando email / (816) 714-2371 to request review materials.

Register for Lead Couple Training

If you are preparing for marriage

If you would like to attend marriage preparation at your parish with a Lead Couple, please contact your parish so they may connect you with a Lead Couple.  

Not all parishes have couples who can serve you in this capacity; you may need to choose from one of the other weekend options (Catholic Engaged Encounter or THRIVE! Marriage Preparation)