Media Use

As disciples of Jesus Christ the way we spend our time, including the way we are entertained, has great value in God's eyes. Only a generation ago it was possible for parents to limit and guide their children's exposure to TV and Movies in order to help teach them how to use media well.  Now there are many ways most children access their entertainment and use social media to communicate with friends and consume entertainment.  There are good things about these new technologies and we certainly have a great responsibility to help our children learn how to be savvy and resilient consumers.  There are also many things we need to educate them about that are not good for them.  Without simply saying no to everything how can we take a proactive role in their media consumption so that they can avoid the many pitfalls and temptations that are looking for them?

Mobile Devices and the Internet

One of the most important things that parents can do is to install internet accountability and filtering software on the devices their children will be using.  On our page "Protecting Your Family" you will find good advice about how to do this and other ideas to make cellphones, iPods and other devices safer for your children while provided a way to monitor and discuss issues and concerns as they arise.

Entertainment Reviews

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