Financial Freedom

WalletWin: Your Catholic Money Mentors
Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira help Catholics eliminate debt, build savings, and change the world through generosity. Find these free guides to help get you started on the road to financial success: 

CREATE YOUR PLAN: Learn How to Budget in 5 Minutes or Less
ELIMINATE DEBT: 3 Smart Strategies to Pay Off Debt Fast
BOOST YOUR INCOME: 17 Genius Ideas to Make $500 in 5 Days

2-week free trial to Catholic Money Academy: You'll get the knowledge, strategies, and tools that Jonathan and Amanda used to pay off $25,000 in 7½ months (on a less than average missionary income), making finances a unifying factor in their marriage, and geting their money working for them and the kingdom. Catholic Money Academy is about transforming the way you view and use money so you can change the world through generosity.

The Catholic Money Show: Listen to Jonathan and Amanda on Spotify

YNAB is an amazing budgeting program recommended by Jonathan and Amanda. Check it out by taking advantage of the free trial. 


Financial Peace University is offered at several parishes in our diocese.  You might also consider attending one at another Church.

Website to register and obtain materials (including an online option):

Parishes that offer this regularly include St. Andrew the Apostle (contact Shelley Palmarine [email protected]) and St. Therese North ( or 816-741-2800).


Online resources:

Articles on For Your Marriage and Our Sunday Visitor about the book 7 Steps to Becoming Financially Free.


Also on For Your Marriage: Starting a Budget 101


Responsible Spending Table