What is Cursillo?

Cursillo worldThe Cursillo movement is very vibrant and active in the Kansas City area. Cursillo is a Spanish word, which translates best as “Short Course”.  The full title is “Cursillo De Cristiandad”, which means “Short Course in Christianity” or Christian Living.  In Spanish the double “LL” is pronounced as a “Y”, so it is pronounced KUR-SEE-YO.

Cursillo is not an organization, but rather a worldwide lay movement within the Catholic Church, and its mission is exactly the same as the Church's - Evangelization.  To help Christianize the world by living out what is fundamental to being a Christian in our everyday lives.

Cursillo begins with three days [weekend] of joyful living and sharing - a short but intense course in Christianity.  Because each person's circumstances in life are different and each has a very unique relationship with God, the Cursillo weekend is truly a personal experience and as such can’t be fully described.  It must be lived and experienced firsthand to appreciate its richness and fullness.  The Cursillo weekend is an encounter with oneself, Christ, and others.

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