Family Life and Children

The Catholic home is a privileged place of hope and joy when the members strive to live the Gospel in loving service to one another.  Making our home a place of prayer, loving service, and respect doesn't happen automatically.   Recent Popes have called the family to become a school of prayer, a school of the virtues, a school for vocation, and a school of love.  How can the newly married, parents, even grandparents make good decisions about the issues we face?  Does the Gospel message speak to difficult situations so commonly faced by families today like infertility, discerning openness to children, how to deal with busy family schedules, prayer in our noisy society, or how to use media well?

Living the Gospel in Everyday Life

Here are some answers to the real life situations you may face as a family today.  If you have a need that's not answered here please contact us.

Motherhood, fertility and having children

Living faith in your home

Raising kids

Nurturing your marriage

Prayer for the Family

This prayer was composed by Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

Mary, Mother of God, at your request, Jesus worked His first miracle. He changed water into wine for the wedding guests at Cana in Galilee.  

Over the centuries you have not ceased to obtain countless signs and wonders for the poor, exiled children of Eve.

We therefore ask you to intercede with your Divine Son for the miraculous graces which the modern world so desperately needs:

For the conversion and re-conversion of whole nations to Jesus Christ and His teaching on marriage and the family.  

For the heroic preservation among Christians of their faith in the indissolubility of marriage, marital fidelity and the loving acceptance of children, as the bedrock of the Christian family.

For the courage of martyrs in all of us followers of Christ, that we may witness to His power to overcome the powers of darkness that are bent on destroying the human family and the moral law.  

Mary, Mother of the Holy Family, and Mother of our families, pray for us. Amen.