Resources for Pastors & Parish Staff

Marriage Preparation

For online information about Marriage Preparation programs, please visit our marriage prep page.  If you need additional copies of our brochure outlining the "7 Steps" of marriage preparation, please contact us with your request.

Online registration forms are accesible for participants for both THRIVE! and God's Plan for a Thriving Marriage; please encourage your couples to visit our website to complete their registration. Our contact information is printed on the "7 Steps" brochure that should be given to each couple. It contains the necessary information for all required marriage prep programs.

Please visit our Marriage Prep Materials page to order instruction manuals, brochures, etc.

Online list of approved counseling service providers

NFP Instructors

Click here for more information on Natural Family Planning 

Fertility Care of Kansas City

Services: women’s health, infertility care, fertility awareness training

Couple-to-Couple League

Family Medicine/ Obstetrics and Gynecology

Click here for a printable PDF of these resources.

For all emergency circumstances call 911.
If you know of a service provider who should be added to this list, please contact us at 816-714-2373.

All of these medical professionals are members of the local chapter of the Catholic Medical Association and or are trained Fertility Care/NaPro Technology providers. No further certification or endorsement by the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph should be assumed.

  • Angelique Pritchett MD, FCMC  913-890-2555 (
  • Teresa Bauer MD 913-890-2555 (
  • Lisa Grasing DO, CFCP, FCMC   913-495-2000
  • Bruce Snider MD, NFPMC  913-764-6262
  • Vincent DeMarco, DO, NFPMC  816-228-1000
  • Patrick Herrick MD, NFPMCI  913-782-7515
  • Dr. Melissa L Yeats, MD, CFCMC 913-782-8487 
  • Dr. Marisa Argubright, DO, NFPMC 913-469-5579
  • Kevin Punswick DO   913-856-5577
  • Ann Smith MD, NFPMC  913-586-0045
  • Loretta Heinen PA  913-837-4299 (Internal Medicine/Pediatrics)


Find a Catholic doctor:

Area NaPro physicians:

Separated, Divorced, Widowed

The following programs and ministries are approved and supported by the Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph.  If you have a need that is not served here we invited you to contact us to discuss your need. Please visit our page Support for the Separated, Divorced, and Widowed for information about these programs:

Crisis Support

Catholic Charities

Services: Emergency Assistance, Health programs, Housing, Job Readiness, Veterans Services, Turn Around Re-Entry After Prison, Adoptions, Senior Care, Deaf & Disability

Domestic Violence Hotline 

1-800-799-7233 (24 hour hotline)

Courage and Encourage Apostolates*

(for those with same-sex attraction who wish to find support from the Church and support for family members of those with same sex attraction)
913-428-9893 (24 hour helpline) (international)

My House*

(help with pornography use)

816-237-8753 (24-hour confidential hotline)  
Services: Support Groups, Clinical Therapy, Prayer and Education

Alcohol/Drug Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous
 (24 hour hotline)
provides information and answers for people fighting addiction, including national resources for rehab centers.

The Prevention Coalition
a site designed to educate parents, teachers and concerned community members about teen drug use and ways to prevent it.

Sexaholics Anonymous 

(local contact information): 913-599-9858
(international website)
(local resource website)

Kansas City Gamblers Anonymous

*Denotes apostolates directly supported and supervised by the diocesan Office of Family Life. All other service providers are independent. This list is provided to assist in the pastoral care of the faithful, however no certification or endorsement by the Diocese of Kansas City-St.Joseph should be assumed.