For Women

EndowEndow brings Catholic women together to discover their God-given dignity and to understand their role in humanizing and transforming society.  The Endow ministry supports small groups in which women and girls enjoy fellowship, deepen their faith and learn authentic Catholic feminism.  They offer faithful, professionally created studies for groups of adult women, middle school and high school age girls. View their informational brochure, outreach brochure, or priest brochure.

To join a group in our area you may sign up online by going to the join a group page and selecting our diocese [Kansas City - St. Joseph] in the search form.  There you will find registration options for the locations where you can join a course at this time.  Parishes that are hosting groups (but may not be on the recent/current list) include: St. Bridget, St. Robert Bellarmine, Good Shepherd, St. James (in St. Joseph), St. Andrews, St. Ann (Plattsburg), Holy Trinity/XII Apostles, St. Mary (Nevada), and Bishop LeBlond High School.

If you are interested in bringing and Endow group to your parish or would like to know more, please contact the Family Life Office (816) 714-2373.

Sisterhood KCSisterhood KC offers single, young adult women peer-led small groups that meet in homes throughout the KC-metro area each week.  Groups study various materials, including Scripture, books, saints, encyclicals, and more. Join the women of Sisterhood as they grow together in faith, friendship, and virtue!

Sisterhood is a ministry of City on a Hill, of the Young Adult Office of the Diocese of Kansas City- St. Joseph.

Please visit City on a Hill for more information or to sign up for a small group.

What is Endow?

What is Endow?

EWTN interview w/ Endow's Brigid Sweeney (begin at 9.38)

Life on the Rock - ENDOW - Fr. Mark and Doug Barry with Brigid Sweeney - 05-19-2011