Chastity Education

Our office supports formation in the virtue of chastity through programs
and educational resources for adults, and for parents to use with their children.  
The diocese has also approved Theology of the Body for Teens 
for use in Catholic Schools and parish youth ministry.

For Adults

The following resources and programs are recommended or supported by our diocese to help adults grow in the virtue of chastity and experience healing:

My House Initiative - for those who seek help and healing from pornography use.

Living Waters - for those seeking healing from sexual brokenness from a variety of causes.

Courage - for persons who experience same-sex attraction and seek to live chastity. - online resource with a host of video courses on various dimensions of sexuality.

For Parents 

Parents should always preview all materials and programs they use with their children.  We recommend that parents familiarize themselves with the wisdom of the Church about their role in chastity formation with their children by reading The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality (Pontifical Council for the Family, 1995).

Online Resources - has an entire video course for teens. - resource for use with teens.  Begin with their clear, concise definition of chastity.

To help parents navigate good use of technology we recommend the 1/2 hour video Unfiltered which may be viewed online and also obtained through the Family Life Office on DVD with a  discussion guide so that parents may host a watch party with the parents of their kids' friends.