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My House Initiative - safer families, happier marriages, freedom and healing

My House is a diocesan initiative to foster the virtue of chastity and increase awareness of the effects of pornography on society.

If you've been harmed by pornography, there is support and healing. Call now.

Confidential help  816-808-6544

Can spouses overcome the obstacle of pornography use and the damage it causes? Read the article from foryourmarriage.org.

Read about the My House Initiative in Kansas City in the news.

Protecting Your Family From Pornography

Tips for safeguarding your children online provided by the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas.

Download this great handbook from Covenant Eyes called Protecting Your Family Online.

Visit Integrity Restored for videos, articles and other resources.

We also recommend CatholicSexuality.com for great online chastity education.

Integrity Restored: Loving Our Children in a Pornified World


Enduring Love - women's support group

This confidential environment provides support for women whose husbands have battled infidelity or pornography. Contact Robyn Brumble at (816) 560-7052.   This is an ecumenical ministry approved by the diocese that supports the goals and methods of the work of the My House Initiative.  The only cost is for the workbook ($24.95).  We recommend that Catholic women who participate in this group also contact Michael Ciaccio using the confidential helpline for the My House Initiative (816) 808-6544.

Support and Healing - Freedom from pornography

Confidential help


Visit CatholicSexuality.com for great, free online chastity video courses.